Classification And Application Of Automotive Sealant

Classification and Application of Automotive Glass and Sealant

Glass glue

Can be used to bond the windshield and rear window on the car, so that it can be firmly integrated with the body into one body. The use of glass glue completely abandon the traditional glass installation of the backward means, making the glass supporting the work easy to operate and the degree of automation has also greatly improved. In addition, glass glue also has good strength, full of flexibility, compression and other seismic performance.


PVC-based automotive coating sealant, which is divided into both color and non-color type. Its main role is to keep the whole body of the seal, isolated from the outside world of moisture, dust and smoke. In addition, this sealant also anti-corrosion, sound insulation, beautify the role of models. Can be colored sealant can be used in low temperature and high temperature paint process, painted in the seal outside the visible gap, and its own will not be contaminated with dry finish. Non-color sealant can be used to fill the gap inside the car body, or painted in the body chassis corrosion. In addition, this non-color type sealant than the traditional PVC-type sealant weight lighter 65% or more, which in order to reduce the weight of the vehicle played a certain role.

Reinforced glue

Can be used to strengthen the automotive industry belongs to the metal plate and thermosetting plastic sheet. It can also be used in the joints of automotive components, sewing, doors, car floor and luggage compartment, etc., to prevent deformation, bending occurs. In addition, the strengthening of plastic also has the role of buffer quiver, widely used in the body wall of the decorative materials. This reinforced adhesive material can be firmly bonded to objects of various matrices, such as iron parts that have been oiled. In the design of new car box in the process, to strengthen the use of plastic allows the model designers do not reduce the strength of the premise, consider reducing the thickness of steel plate. Reinforced plastic is actually used when it is a three-layer composite material: the surface layer is a cloth pattern of cellophane, the middle layer is a glass fiber skeleton material sticky high polymer body, the bottom is the anti-sticking paper. This composite material can be made according to the needs of a variety of geometric size and shape for selection. Its easy to use, just peel off the sticky paper, posted on the need for parts can be. Its glial after the paint process will be condensed hardened, resulting in a good enhancement, the role of reinforcement. In general, the strength after reinforcement is to increase the strength of the material before hundreds of times. Reinforced plastic with high temperature and medium temperature condensation of two formulations; in addition to a swellable product, the product of the polymer sticky material will be in its condensation when the expansion.

Structural glue

Over the past 20 years, structural adhesives have been widely used by automotive manufacturers to replace melt welds and mechanical parts structures to reduce their specific gravity, including composite plastics and metal materials. It can not only bond a variety of structural components, but also a sealed function. The advantages of the traditional mechanical riveting, welding process is not available.

Polyurethane foam

For the car manufacturers to produce low noise, comfortable car needs, developed a foam agent. This polyurethane foam product can be used for body structure noise reduction, shock absorption. Some of the hollow structures in the bodywork tend to cause air resonance, resulting in noise. The filling of these hollow structures with a tight foam will solve the problem, which has high density and low density. Low-density foams can be used to fill some of the pits in an automotive component. When the low-density foam is injected into the pits, its liquid mixture swells rapidly, expanding the volume of the foam up to 40 times its initial volume, and finally forming a layer of cured foam. This process can be completed in just 15 minutes. And high-density foam is used for the body of important structural parts (such as beams, columns) reinforcement. Its slow expansion characteristics allow the injected liquid mixture to flow for a sufficient period of time and fill the hollow structure. Its volume after expansion is only about 10 times the initial volume, after 30min, it will be completely cured.

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