Classification And Description Of Injection Packer

injection packer, also called grouting nozzles, are widely used in waterproofing in the home improvement industry. Especially in the case of concrete pouring chemical slurries such as polyurethane and epoxy resin, high pressure chemical grouting plugging technology is applied to plugging by high pressure chemical grouting Construction of professional components. Its principle is to use the continuous high pressure generated by the grouting machine to pour the chemical feed liquid into the gap inside the concrete and completely squeeze the water out of the seam to completely fill the gap so as to achieve the purpose of stopping water.

High-pressure injection packer: the principle of the use of ring pressure fastening. Head with one-way stop valve,

To prevent the slurry pushed under high pressure spray down. Ring expansion part of the rubber casing, a diameter of 13MM, into the hole diameter of 14MM grouting hole, tighten the ring pressure bolts, rubber compression sleeve, the grouting nozzle fixed in the hole. (Gill nozzle check valve to be more than 0.4KN pressure to open, so grouting pressure must be higher than this value). There are currently four types of high-pressure water stop needles: copper mouth, aluminum mouth, steel mouth, plastic mouth, the first three ring pressure. It is divided into the front stop water type, that is, the check valve at the inlet of the grouting nozzle is arranged at the inlet. The back stop water type, that is, the check valve of the feed inlet is arranged at the outlet and can be selected according to the specific conditions. The front stop type buried good mouth, the front can be unscrewed to release the pressure drainage, to be grouted and then screwed up; after the stop type of water buried good mouth, you can not drain pressure relief, but the construction is completed to remove the filling nozzle The next process of construction. Commonly used filling nozzle rubber seal diameter of 14mm, with 14mm drill bit. The dense structure of the selection of the length of 7 ~ 8cm of the filling nozzle can be; for loose structure, the length of 10 ~ 15cm can be used for filling nozzle.