Classification Of Waterproofing Material

Classification of Waterproofing Material

The structure of the building to prevent the rain, snow and groundwater penetration; to prevent the air of moisture, steam and other harmful gases and liquid erosion; separation structure to prevent the infiltration of water supply and drainage. These impermeable, leaking and eroded materials are collectively referred to as waterproof materials.


Waterproof material variety, according to its main raw material is divided into four categories:

① asphalt waterproof material. Asphalt asphalt, asphalt and coal asphalt as the main raw material, made of asphalt linoleum, paper asphalt asphalt, solvent and water emulsion asphalt or asphalt rubber coatings, ointment, with good adhesion, Water resistance, corrosion resistance and durability.

② rubber and plastic waterproof material. Polybutylene rubber, butyl rubber, polyvinyl chloride, polyisobutylene and polyurethane and other raw materials, can be made of flexible tireless waterproofing membrane, waterproof film, waterproof coating, coating materials and ointment, clay , Sealing tape and other sealing materials, with high tensile strength, elasticity and elongation, adhesion, water resistance and weather resistance and other characteristics, can be cold, long life.

③ cement waterproof material. Adhesives, such as water repellents, aerators and expansives, can enhance the hydrophobicity and impermeability of cement mortar and concrete. The cement and sodium silicate Mortar, can be used for underground engineering plugging waterproof.

④ metal waterproof material. Thin steel plate, galvanized steel plate, pressure plate, coated steel plate can be directly used as roof panels, for waterproof. A sheet of metal used in a basement or underground structure. Thin copper plate, thin aluminum plate, stainless steel plate can be made of structural deformation of the sealing water zone. Metal waterproof layer of the connection to be welded, and brushing rust protection paint.

Waterproof coating is divided into four categories: hard mortar, flexible mortar, acrylic, one-component polyurethane.

According to the material properties of the division, there are three main types of waterproof materials:

1, waterproof membrane, mainly used for construction, such as roof, external walls, basement;

2, polyurethane waterproof material, containing volatile gas, construction requirements are strict, and expensive;

3, the new polymer cement-based waterproof material, the material from the organic polymer liquid and inorganic powder compound, the integration of organic materials, high elasticity and durability of inorganic materials, the characteristics of the formation of high toughness after the formation of waterproof coating , This new material can be perfect with the cement-based surface into one, end without delamination, is a common choice of home waterproof material.