Concrete Coating

So you feel the need to coat the concrete of your garage or basement, but are not sure of the products available to you. There are many options available to you, although some of them may not fit your needs. Having a good, long lasting concrete coating that can add a decorative, slip resistant touch is a definite plus and may help to increase the value of your property. If one of the places you are looking to coat is inside your house you will want to have assurances that there will not be foul odors coming from the covering. One way to do this is to choose a concrete coating with a low volatile organic compounds rating. These compounds are what typically causes foul odors and can sometimes be dangerous to handle, due to other properties such as flammability as well as health hazards. These can be very important to the health off your family.

Some of the concrete coating options that are available to you are decorative flakes that can be imbedded into the coating in order to add additional color as well as style into the floor. This helps to dress up the design of the room, so you do not have to rely on a single color for the finish on your floor. If you decide to be creative enough you may also decide to do patterns with the flakes. These decorative flakes will also help to add a measure of slip resistance to your concrete coating In the event of a liquid spill. If this is not enough, you also have the choice to add additional compounds to increase the slip resistance of the floor. Many times this added compound is an aggregate known as aluminum oxide and is chosen because of the ability to float at the top layer of the compound in order to help provide traction. This compound is also much less likely to rust. Something to take into consideration is the amount of traffic that the floor will be subject to.

With a low traffic floor you may feel that you are able to just apply a layer or two of paint to serve your needs. Sometimes this will work for a concrete coating. Other situations such as hot tires can have the effect of peeling up this paint in a very short period of time. Another downside to this method is the need to prepare surfaces multiple times, once for each coat that you put down. When you add in drying time, this can turn into a very time consuming process. In order to get a sufficiently thick layer without having to apply many coats is to go with an epoxy concrete coating from Epoxy Coats. With the ability to coat to well over 20 mil thickness in a single coat, you can get an extremely durable finish that has a look all your own. With the ease of cleanup, color customization and the ability of customizing slip resistance, you are sure to find the options just right for you.