Concrete Epoxy Injection Repair

A method of injecting cracks and fissures in concrete, masonry, wood and steel with a high strength epoxy resin adhesive to restore it to its original condition. Fractured concrete can be restored without a loss of strength to the structure.

When there is a crack in your concrete, sometimes it is not just a surface problem.Some cracks can indicate an issue with structural stability of the concrete. When this is the case, it is very important to find a professional well-schooled in the application of epoxy pressure injection. The epoxy pressure injection system is by far the way to ‘heal‘ your concrete and seal those cracks for good.

Why Concrete Cracks

Shrinkage during curing or before the development process has completed

Static or dynamic mechanical overload

Changes in temperature to structures with no allowance for expansion

Base foundation movement

Uses and Benefits

Structural reinforcement

Seals cracks & leaks: complete distribution fills any holes or voids

Prevents concrete spalling: due to cracking and freezing,thawing temps

Prevents corrosion: from water and chemicals




Parking decks




Highways, airport and parking lot pavements