Construction And Installation Of Rubber Waterstop

Water stop is in the concrete pouring process part or all of the pouring in the concrete,

There are many sharp corners of the concrete stones and sharp steel head, due to the plastic and rubber tear strength 3-5 times lower than the tensile strength, once the water stop is punctured or torn, without a lot of external force The gap will be expanded, so in the process of positioning and stoppage of concrete, pay attention to the positioning method and pouring pressure to prevent the stop tape from being punctured and affect the water stopping effect. The specific precautions are as follows:

1 water stop can not prolonged exposure to the sun, to prevent rain, do not contact with highly polluting chemicals.

2 in the transport and construction, to prevent mechanical, reinforced water stop tape.

3 During the construction, the water stop must be reliably fixed to avoid the displacement of concrete pouring, to ensure the correct position of water stop in concrete.

4 fixed stopwatch method: the use of additional steel fixed; special fixture fixed; lead wire and template fixed, such as the need for perforation, can only be selected in the edge of the installation zone waterstops, shall not damage other parts.

5 user orders should be based on the project structure, design drawings calculated length of the product, special-shaped structure should have drawings, as far as possible in the plant will be connected to stop the water as a whole, if the site connection, the use of electric heating plate curing adhesive Or cold bonding (rubber water stop) or welding (plastic water stop) method.