Construction Regulations Of Butyl Tape

(1) This regulation is applicable to civil structural roofing and metal panel surface which use tape as waterproofing membrane bonding, metal profiled board bonding, PC board bonding and other supporting materials.

Sealed waterproof engineering.

(2) When designing or using tape, it should be carried out in accordance with relevant regulations or with reference to our company's corporate standards.

General provisions

(1) It is required to be constructed in the temperature range of -15 °C - 45 °C (the corresponding measures are taken when the specified temperature range is exceeded)

(2) The surface of the base layer must be cleaned or wiped clean, kept dry, free of floating soil and oil.

(3) The bondage shall not be torn or peeled within 24 hours after construction.

(4) According to the actual project needs, Yongxing tape of different models and sizes is selected.

(5) Place the box about 10cm away from the ground. Do not exceed 5 boxes.