Crack Injection Solution

One of the first signs of a foundation problem in your home is cracks. However, these cracks do not necessarily mean that your foundation requires costly, invasive repair methods. When caught early, cracks can simply be repaired using one of our crack injection solutions.we use injections of either epoxy or urethane to seal cracks and restore structural soundness.

What Are Epoxy And Urethane?

Both epoxy and urethane are plastic adhesives that bond to concrete, wood, and metals. Epoxy combines two separate components, one of which seals the cracks in your foundation and another that welds the structure. While the material requires more time to cure and settle into tiny crevices, epoxy is exceptionally strong. Urethane, also known as grout or polyurethane, is comprised of hydrophilic urethane chemical resins that react when they come into contact with water. Though featuring less compressive strength than epoxy, urethane expands and develops into a flexible foam that creates a direct bond with the concrete of your foundation. Both epoxy and urethane injections are usually sufficient measures for preventing additional cracks in your foundation, but carbon fiber is sometimes a required addition.

How Crack Injection Solutions Are Used?

The installation of both epoxy and urethane injections is simple and minimally invasive to your home. For epoxy, only 2-3 team members, a concrete drill, hand tools, and cleaning materials are required. First, our team will combine the two components using a ratio of 2:1. Then, they will insert injection ports every 6-12”. Finally, they will inject the epoxy paste into the cracks and allow the material to cure for about seven days.

The process for urethane injections is similar, requiring only 1-3 team members. The same 2:1 ratio is used to create the paste for the urethane injections, and this material is then inserted into the cracks. Damp areas do not even need to be dried first when working with urethane. As with epoxy, the urethane will need to cure for a brief period of time.