Different Types Of Urethane Grout Prices Are Not The Same

Different types of Urethane Grout prices are not the same
    Urethane Grout offer is also very different: the general type of 1600-2500 yuan range, high strength early strength of the Urethane Grout offer 2500-3500 range, ultra-early strong Urethane Grout offer 3500-4500 range, sleeve Urethane Grout offer from 4500-6500 range.
    Series of Urethane Grout is high-strength data as aggregate, cement as a binder, supplemented by high flow, micro-swelling, anti-isolated and other substances from the preparation. It is in the construction site to participate in a certain amount of water, can be used after mixing evenly. Urethane Grout has a good self-flow, fast hard, early strength, high strength, no shortening, micro-swelling; non-toxic, harmless, not aging, water and the surrounding environment pollution, self-consistency, rust and other characteristics. In the construction of a solid quality, reduce costs, shorten the duration and ease of use and other advantages. Fundamentally change the equipment base of the force situation, so that even the equipment to accept the full load, and then meet a variety of machinery, electrical equipment (heavy equipment, high precision grinding machine) device request, is no pad device era of asphalt grouting material.
In order to learn more about the type of Urethane Grout, please consult the Urethane Grout manufacturer directly to give you more accurate positioning
Let's take a look at the chemical product! Urethane Grout products, water and plastic ratio is low, less bleeding, the internal water migration is slow. The appearance of transpiration of the water can not be compensated in time, when the Urethane Grout is still in plasticity, a little bit of tension, the appearance will appear irregular distribution of cracks. Showing the cracks in the future, the body of water transpiration to further accelerate, so the cracks active expansion. Excellent wet maintenance to the early can not see the cracks and not see the pores of the shortcomings have been useful control.
In the civil construction, the industrial construction, the actual mixing of concrete Urethane Grout, is the concrete after the final condensate wet maintenance, usually do not cover, sprinkle about 3-6 times a day. Just do not show visible cracks, that wet maintenance to meet the demand. In the use of Urethane Grout time, the specification needs wet maintenance 7 days, the best can be maintained for 7 days without loss of water. 3 days to avoid dehydration is particularly critical. On the first day, it is the key to the key. Assuming that the first day of dehydration too much, the shortcomings can be difficult to compensate for the future.
 Construction quality to be improved, the use of AGM Urethane Grout, greatly improving the construction of quality, equipment and equipment engineering precision equipment, repair works in a timely and timely registration. It is noteworthy that the construction unit is often used in the traditional construction maintenance experience, in accordance with the usual maintenance plan to carry out maintenance of concrete, do not use cgm Urethane Grout the use of. In the reinforcement, planning reinforcement, pouring beams, plates, columns, showing the Urethane Grout matrix of the early cracking problem.