Electric Pump In Construction Projects Are Important Grouting Equipment

Electric Pump in construction projects are important grouting equipment
Grouting is also known as grouting, is to make a certain material into a slurry, with an Electric Pump to the pressure to the formation or gap to spread the gel or curing, in order to achieve the purpose of strengthening the formation or seepage plugging. Grouting technology is widely used in high-rise building ash mortar transport reservoirs, hydropower stations, ports, terminals in a variety of pressure grouting, foundation treatment, soft foundation reinforcement grouting, tunnel mine subway construction backfill grouting bolt support. At present, the main application of the grouting process mainly compaction grouting, bolt support, curtain grouting, high pressure rotary jet.
In the construction project Electric Pump is an important grouting equipment, often good maintenance of Electric Pump maintenance habits, can effectively extend the life of the machine to ensure the normal operation of the equipment in use, reduce the failure rate, improve work efficiency, reduce maintenance cost. Electric Pump maintenance to regular, to prevent the main principle, can not not bad not maintenance, and so on when the failure of the late. Do not use, the first time to clean the Electric Pump pipe to prevent the residual cement slurry solid up, causing clogging, to lubricate the parts of the brush oil to prevent rust, a screw to tighten the tight. Use long afterwards. To change the box of lubricants, long-term do not have to do a good anti-rust, moisture-proof work. Careful maintenance, scientific maintenance to improve the life of Electric Pump.
Due to the limitation of the grouting process, the reliability of the grouting and adding solid is relatively poor, the reliability of the uniformity and strength guarantee is relatively poor, the quality control and inspection of the construction process are uncertain, and the effect is sometimes less Body reinforcement strength requirements. The effectiveness of the reinforcement construction should be evaluated comprehensively when the grouting reinforcement technology is used in the deep excavation. The depth of grouting reinforcement does not include the grouting reinforcement of the bottom of the wall or the bottom of the pillar in the foundation pit. Grouting machine, Electric Pump parts, high pressure Electric Pump, high pressure mud pump, high pressure grouting machine.
Grouting reinforcement application range. Grouting includes separation grouting, buried pipe method, low slump mortar method, columnar bag grouting method. Grouting can improve the bearing capacity of foundation soil and increase the passive earth pressure of the soil inside the wall, but it is not obvious to improve the lateral deformation ability of soil. Generally, the shear strength index and the lateral ratio coefficient of soil are not considered in the calculation. In the foundation pit is shallow or the environment is still good sand or powdery soil can be used within the grouting ground reinforcement treatment.
Can not do so can not think of the rapid development of science and technology today, making everything possible. I plant the Electric Pump is that you really appreciate the benefits of science and technology. The machine is a screw-type high-pressure pump advanced technology. Operation and maintenance is simple, without special training can be skilled operation. Compact performance, mobile and flexible, with manual operation, work without noise, safe and reliable; product performance quality has reached the international peer level, more optimized technology products, no pulse, work pressure, flow, high production efficiency. In the past, artificial work, Electric Pump easy to get, to your construction to bring unexpected surprises.
I believe that many of our customers in the choice of Electric Pump will be a comprehensive consideration and careful choice, because it can directly affect our future use and work efficiency. Perhaps familiar with the product users are aware, we must choose the regular manufacturers and brand products, so that we can make better use of Electric Pump.
Need to understand is the use of Electric Pump features, such as: its stable and reliable performance, pressure and flow adjustment is convenient, long life, Electric Pump with small energy consumption, small vibration, low noise, small size, high efficiency. Of course, it is precisely because these determine its excellent performance.