EPDM Flat Roof Rubber Membrane

The EPDM flat roof rubber membrane is specially designed for us on small flat roofs, mostly residential roofs. Generally they are installed in a single piece. Our company offers EPDM flat roof membrane with various length and width,we can manufacture even longer EPDM rubber membrane if required.

These flat roof rubber membranes are manufactured from ethylene-propylene-diene-monomer (EPDM) rubber. The constituents the EPDM rubber provides the membrane the right qualities required to perform as in the strongest of climatic conditions. Some of the important advantages of EPDM rubber membrane are that they are UV and Ozone resistant. This helps the membrane to have a very long service life. Also unless the structure of the roof is very complex, it is installed with minimal accessories. Generally seam tapes or adhesives are used to install the EPDM membrane on the flat roofs.


Superior mechanical properties: good tensile strength and high elasticity,

Superior ageing properties. resistance to UV and ozone: long service life and low life cycle costs.

Ease of installation: Applied using bonding Adhesive. No need of flames or torches during application.

Acid resistant: rain water normally has a pH of less than 7 (acidic).Our company’s EPDM membranes perform well even is acidic environments. It is important for any waterproofing system to work in such conditions.