EPDM Pond Liner

EPDM pond liner is a synthetic rubber, highly flexible stable material that is not only easy to work with, but long lasting and aquatic safe. We now offer 2 top brands pond liner. Be sure the EPDM liner you use is fish safe.

The unique properties of EPDM pond liner are listed below:

Aquatic Safe

A highly stable material that is formulated for safety when exposed to fish and plant life in a decorative pond.

High Flexible

Stays flexible in temperatures from -40° Fahrenheit to 175° Fahrenheit making it easy to install year round. Unlike other liner materials, it does not contain plasticizers that could make it become brittle with age and cause cracks or splits in the material, threatening aquatic life.

Design Versatility

EPDM's flexibility provides more versatility in the pond design. Unlike preformed liners, it can be easily shaped to fit the unique contours of the pond dimensions, allowing a more creative design.

Weather Resistant

Remarkable resistance to the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation (UV), ozone and other environmental conditions.

High Elongation

High expansion and contraction characteristics that enable it to conform to objects in the sub grade. Should earth movement occur, rocks and tree roots could be dislodged beneath the liner, but EPDM's high elongation will enable it to stretch over such objects.

Minimal Maintenance

Requires little or no regular maintenance once installed. However, if repair becomes necessary, it is easy to do without removing the liner from the pond with the EPDM repair patch.

Easy Installation

Installs easily and quickly. No special skills or tools are required.