Epoxy Grout Is Made Of What Material

Epoxy Grout is made of what material
Epoxy Grout is a high-strength materials as aggregate, cement as a binder, supplemented by high flow, micro-expansion, anti-isolation and other substances from the preparation. It in the construction site to add a certain amount of water, stir even after use.
Epoxy Grout with good self-flow, fast hard, early strength, high strength, no shrinkage, micro-expansion; non-toxic, harmless, not aging, water and the surrounding environment pollution, self-consistency, rust and other characteristics. In the construction of a reliable quality, reduce costs, shorten the duration and ease of use and so on. Fundamentally change the equipment base force to make it evenly bear the full load of equipment to meet a variety of machinery, electrical equipment (heavy equipment, high precision grinding machine) installation requirements, is the ideal time for the installation of grouting material.
The quality of the cement-based grouting material has a direct and significant impact on the quality of the project and the normal operation of the equipment or structure. Before the use of materials should be re-test, in which the performance of materials should be entrusted to the country by the measurement of heavy weight and laboratory accreditation test unit inspection. The factory inspection report project application includes the flow degree to get the teacher value 30min
Retention value, vertical expansion rate, 1d compressive strength {for the prestressed pore cement-based grouting material for 3d compressive strength and 3d flexural strength}. The three items of the basic performance of the cement-based grouting material, the wild reflects whether the material has a performance.
Before the inspection, the amount of material required should be calculated according to the inspection items. Each volume of 1L volume, the need for cement-based Epoxy Grout quality jumped to a class of 1.9KG,
Concrete column part of the local mild root phenomenon, can be used to repair grouting, the use of concrete Epoxy Grout, the construction process: the old concrete chiseled with water rinse saturated → perfusion, smear irrigation slurry → conservation. Construction specific measures are as follows:
First, the base treatment (1) chiseled. To ensure that the Epoxy Grout and the basement concrete has a good bond, with a wire brush or sandblasting method to remove the surface floating dirt (paint or grease contaminated parts with acetone wash).
Such as the loose surface of the serious, should be used artificial chisel method, chisel broken concrete, so that the substrate exposed hard, solid concrete surface, chisel must be completely comprehensive, but not too deep, so as not to damage the concrete.
  (2) rinse and saturate. On the surface of the chisel concrete, the use of high pressure water gun (using tap water) will debris, dust rinse, and continuous, uniform spray, so that the surface concrete to saturation, and the surface without water.
 Second, the preparation of Epoxy Grout and water in accordance with the provisions of the amount of barrel in the mixer with the left and right slowly moving, stir evenly, and stirring the blade shall not be brought to the surface above, so as not to mix into the bubble. Consistency according to site construction needs to determine. Finished grouting, with large mobility, no shrinkage, early strength and high strength (28 days to 55MPa) and other properties, to meet the workability and strength requirements.
Epoxy Grout suitable for 5 ~ 30 ℃ ambient temperature for construction. If the ambient temperature exceeds this range, the material and the ratio should be adjusted according to the actual situation.
(24 hours) after the final setting (2-4h) on the surface wiping the light, after the final condensate should be covered with warm bags or straw bags, and water conservation, 4-6 times a day The Curing temperature above 15 ℃ is appropriate, the time is seven days.