Epoxy Resin Epoxy Grout Repair Cement Concrete Panel

Epoxy resin Epoxy Grout repair cement concrete panel

Cement concrete pavement is one of the main types of road surface in China, and occupies a large proportion in the composition of China's highway network. It has the advantages of high strength, high rigidity, small temperature impact and long service life. However, the cement concrete pavement has more seams, which is more sensitive to overload, prone to the early diseases such as stripping, slurry, cracks, etc., which can lead to the damage of the road surface. How to manage and prevent the diseases such as the removal of water and mud, to improve the maintenance of cement concrete pavement, prolong the service life of the highway, improve its capacity to pass, is of great significance. Epoxy Grout The author participated in the guangxi nanning to liuzhou highway cement concrete pavement reconstruction engineering test road construction, the Epoxy Grout cement concrete pavement, the technology treatment of track, and the construction project are in indoor mixture ratio of slurry has carried on the contrast experiment. The Epoxy Grout technology has achieved good results in this section.

1. The damage of the bottom of the concrete slab

The formation of slabs will seriously harm the quality and life of road surface. Despite the strength of the cement concrete pavement base with high, but once the plate bottom escapes, under the action of vehicle load, concrete pavement slab continuous uniform will lose support, become warped and then fracture become so, vehicle load and environment factors of continuous function, will increase the road.the area and depth, increase fracture, Epoxy Grout and then become a crushing plate. Owing to the existence of the fracture plate and the broken plate, the rain water scour the grass base and the surrounding plate is affected, and the surface of the road is damaged, forming a vicious circle.

2. Main reasons for the formation of cement concrete panel slurry and empty-out

The intrinsic factors and external factors of the mashed and deformed diseases are the quality, composition and the seams of the concrete panel. Epoxy Grout Outside factors are car loads and climate change. The surface layer material of our country is generally used to select the stable class material, its modulus is much less than the modulus of concrete surface layer. Cement concrete pavement under the heavy vehicle load repeatedly function, under the plate base (pad) will produce cumulative plastic deformation layer, the local scope of concrete plate no longer maintain continuous contact with the grass-roots, and so on concrete pavement base layer (mat), there will be a small gap between the plates under local escapes, or known as the original pavement area. At the same time, the temperature and humidity changes, and the non-linear distribution of temperature in the plate causes the buckling of the plate up or down, accelerating the separation between the plate and the base, and the bottom of the plate is unoccupied. The emergence of the empty space creates conditions for the immersion of water. Epoxy Grout When the pavement seams or cracks are not maintained in time, the rainwater will break into the base at the breaking point, and the water seeping into the water will form water (free water) under the board. The water and the thin material in the base material formed the mud, and the cracks in the seam of the face were sprayed out to form the mud. The appearance of the slurry further aggravates the decoloration of the plate bottom. This cycle begins, Epoxy Grout and the vicious cycle leads to damage to the road.