FAQ Knowledge Of Waterproof Materials

FAQ Knowledge of Waterproof Materials

1, what kind of waterproof material in the market?

The market no less than hundreds of waterproof material, and really related to our material is also about three or four. On the building materials market (supermarket) is mainly: ① polyurethane ② acrylic ③ polymer cement ④ cement mortar category.

2. What are the performance of various waterproof materials?

Of these four types of waterproof coatings on the waterproof performance, the best is the polymer polymer> polyurethane> acrylic> cement mortar ..

3, what is the characteristics of polyurethane waterproof coating?

Polyurethane waterproof coating. Polyurethane coating "liquid rubber," said, is currently the best performance of one of the best waterproof coating. Coating tough, high tensile strength, good elongation, corrosion resistance, anti-structural telescopic deformation ability, and has a longer service life. But there is smell, black is not environmentally friendly.

4. What are the main features of acrylic waterproofing coatings?

Acrylic waterproof coating is a one-component, environmentally friendly flexible waterproof coating. It is based on self-crosslinking pure acrylic emulsion, with special modifiers, functional additives and fillers through the dispersion of research made. This material is non-toxic, harmless, non-flammable, is a green environment-friendly products; it has good elongation and tensile strength, pure acrylic acid aging resistance is very good, waterproof life is also very long; , Roller coating, scratch coating can be construction. Waterproof layer to form the contact of the continuous elastic film, the structure of the complex shape of the construction is particularly convenient. Because of its performance characteristics are relatively stable, the application effect is ideal, affordable, so widely used in home improvement waterproofing. Mainly used in large-scale projects.

5. What is the characteristics of polymer cement waterproof coating?

Polymeric polymer cement waterproof coating (referred to as JS waterproof coating) is a rigid and soft two-component waterproof material. This kind of material is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and tasteless, has good air permeability, is strong in bonding with the base surface, and is fast and fast, but it is a two-component material, which needs to follow the instructions to match the liquid material and powder. In addition, the powder if the addition of too much talc powder often greatly reduce the material properties, in order to avoid buying inferior products, or to choose the formal channels to buy brand products. Mainly used in home decoration.

6. What are the characteristics of mortar waterproof coating?

Mortar waterproof coating is an acrylic emulsion and a variety of additives composed of organic emulsion material, together with special cement and a variety of fillers composed of inorganic powder, a certain proportion of the preparation of two-component water-based waterproof mortar. This kind of coating is non-toxic and non-polluting, is a real environment-friendly coating, it can be directly on the concrete surface construction and bonding firm, easy construction, from the grass-roots water content limit, dry fast, short coagulation time, construction 2 After hours, you can paste the tiles on the surface. However, due to the type of material is rigid waterproof coating, film after the lack of flexibility, due to the building Shenlong and dislocation affect the waterproof effect, generally applicable to the structure of relatively stable parts.

7. Why is the waterproof material divided into rigid and flexible?

Waterproof materials are classified into rigid and flexible according to their characteristics. Rigid waterproof material generally refers to cement mortar, in its formation of waterproof layer, there is a high resistance to pressure, infiltration capacity, but not extensible, resistance to structural stretch capacity is not high. The flexible material has good elasticity and extensibility, and can adapt to the partial deformation of the structure. Therefore, for home decoration, should be flexible waterproof material as the main material of construction.

8, in the home improvement waterproofing most respected waterproof material is what?

Comprehensive analysis of all aspects of information and supermarket sales analysis, the most respected on the market waterproof coating is a polymer polymer waterproof coating.

9, water-based waterproof coating must be environmentally friendly paint it?

no. Most of the waterproof coatings on the market are water-soluble materials, the business also claimed that water-soluble waterproof coating is environmentally friendly materials, and most of the oil-soluble waterproof coating is not environmentally friendly. In fact this is not true. Water-soluble or oil-soluble is not the standard to determine the environmental protection coating, whether it is water-soluble or oil-soluble waterproof coating, as long as the relevant national environmental certification, such as China Environmental Certification or CTC product environmental protection, quality certification, these materials are environmentally friendly and reliable, We can rest assured that use.

10, why home improvement waterproof without waterproofing membrane?

In theory, the continuous waterproof layer of the best waterproof, and paint to achieve this, and the kitchen and toilet area is small, the structure is more complex, not suitable for coil construction.

11, plugging the king where to apply? What is its role Can I use it as a waterproof material?

Plugging Wang Defined for Rigid Waterproof. "Kennedy special" plug the king divided into two kinds: quick-setting and slow-setting type. Quick-setting type is generally used for the repair of the kitchen bathroom, and retarding type can be used as a rigid waterproof material, but because it does not have any flexibility, easy bean sprouts, the formation of leakage. Especially in the northern temperature difference, dry and wet changes in the climate environment, not respected as the main waterproof layer.

12, plug the king can replace the cement directly sticky brick?

Can replace cement cement tiles, but the layers need to keep moist, no water.

13, plugging Wang products appear granular use of normal use?

This product is cement-based, if stored in the shelf life of improper, vulnerable to the impact of the external environment, especially by the wet, resulting in the phenomenon of granular agglomeration of the product, if agglomerated, has affected the performance of the product itself , Try not to continue to use, so as not to use after the invalid.