The Solution For Many Situations Of Chemical Grouting

Chemical grouting is an effective and proven method of pipe rehabilitation. It stops groundwater from entering the sewer pipe through openings in manholes, joints, or connections.

The Benefits


When installed properly, the grout will last for years.

Fills Cracks Completely

It can penetrate any crack that will allow water movement, and fill it with a permanent waterproof seal from the inside of the structure to the outside, from top to bottom.

Cost Effective

Chemical grouting saves on unnecessary treatment plant costs and those costly dig-ups. There is also the benefit of very limited disruption to roadway traffic.

The Solution for Many Situations

Grouting Decommissioned Connections

Services that are no longer in use or required are decommissioned. Instead of capping the abandoned service, sometimes the City also requires that the service be filled with grout. Should you need this done, we can easily use our truck-mounted grout system.

Surface Interface Grouting

Sometimes the pipe leaks where the service pipe connects to the mainline pipe (a.k.a. the interface). We have the equipment to stop infiltration at the interface. After isolating the interface, grout is pumped into it and then tested to make sure it has been sealed.

Mainline Grouting

Sometimes the pipes have faulty joints or cracks. In these cases, the joints are air-tested first. If it fails the air test, then grout is pumped into the joint (or crack). The grout forms a gel that helps prevent water coming into the pipe. As long as your pipes are 150 mm (6”) to 1050 mm (42”) in diameter, we can seal it. The joint is retested after the grouting process. The procedure is repeated until the joint has passed the air test.