Glass Glue

Glass glue is a material that bonds and seals various glasses with other substrates. There are two main categories: silicone rubber and polyurethane (PU). Silicone rubber sealant - is what we usually say glass glue, and divided into two kinds of acidic and neutral (neutral plastic is divided into: stone sealant, mold sealant, fire sealant, pipe sealant and so on.

Glass glue is divided into two kinds according to performance: neutral glass glue and acidic glass glue. Generally used for home improvement bonding. Generally, glass glue is used in home improvement: dull mouths on the back of wooden lines, sanitary ware, toilets, makeup mirrors in the bathroom, crevices in sinks and walls, and so on. These places use different properties of glass glue. Neutral glass adhesives are weaker and are generally used on the back of bathroom mirrors where they do not require strong adhesion. Neutral glass glue is used more often in the home, mainly because it does not corrode objects, and the acidic glass glue is generally used in the dull mouth of the back of the wood line, and the adhesive force is very strong.