Glue Gun Force Classifications

Manual glue gun, pneumatic caulking gun, electric glue guns

Manual glue gun: the operator pressing the plate with his hand sealing, gluing, low efficiency, often used for non-professional use to individuals or families.

Pneumatic caulking gun: the need for compressed air supply, the air to promote realization of glue at the bottom of the rubber General factory production lines equipped with compression

Air supply (through the trachea from the factory air compressor station or air compressor). Single pneumatic caulking gun air is small, if there is no compressed air supply can be equipped with a small air compressor (commonly known as air pump) to work. Currently available high quality pneumatic caulking gun equipped with a silencer, noise less than 70dB, is suitable in the room ask for quiet work, adjusting the air pressure, better control the amount of gum.

Electric glue guns: electric glue guns are powered by rechargeable batteries, equipped with a charger and rechargeable battery, high quality electric glue gun on the market 1 hour to fully charge the battery, plastic 30-45 on full charge, you can easily do a lot of gluing work.