Glue Gun Package Is Classified

Single and two-component

Single-component: as its name suggests, is only a rubber glue gun can be used for drum cartridge, sausage and packaged in bulk form.

Cartridge (commonly known as rigid packaging, plastic packaging is a hard plastic tube or cartridge-type, the hardware store sells glass glue 310ml cartridge), specifications are 310/400ml,310ml the most common.

Sausage package (commonly known as flexible packaging, soft plastic bags or plastic packaging is like sausage), specifications are 310/400/600ml,600ml the most common.

Two-component: used to play two glue gun glue. Application of two-component adhesive with the development of materials more widely, from small and large capacities, applied to the proportion of cones. For example: 300ml + 150ml (2:1) double cones, cones 2 separate 200ml, axial cylinder (commonly known as the tube small drum) and so on. Meet the needs of various industries is compatible with all of the glue tube.