Glue Gun Use

Glue gun 1.jpg

Glass glue gun glue provides a convenient for us, but in the process because they do not pay attention and lead to premature damage of glue gun.

1. connect air pressure should not exceed 145psi.

2. disassembly before the glue gun, first detach the pressure tube.

3. to operate smoothly, each time after construction, apply sealant manufacturer's recommended solvent wipe residual sealant gun. (Do not allow glue gun to be soaked in a solvent)

4. construction, front of the barrel plug should always be closed.

5. construction finished, please carefully glue gun, front and back-end care injury muffler.

6. do not put guns on people.

7. in the course of work, glue gun each time you stop working no more than 5 minutes, you should glue to glue discharge lasts.

8. high pressure hose forcibly squeezed, bent, prevent glue gun work.