Ground Consolidation,Stabilization And Waterstopping

To counter water ingress and unconsolidated geology below ground represents a major issue in tunneling and mining operations all around the world: Uncontrolled water ingress can cause severe problems and impact on daily operations. Excess water can greatly influence production cycle times and also reduce the quality of structural elements including shotcrete, mesh and bolts. The whole operation can therefore be at risk, putting not just the structures and machinery, but also the people in severe jeopardy. Unconsolidated ground within fault zones and the ore-body are frequently responsible for costly delays and downtimes. Our company provides an extensive and fully integrated range of injection systems for both pre- and post- excavation use in conventional drill and blast drift mining, as well as for tunneling. Our company has more than many year’s experience in tunnelling and mining worldwide.

The Key Success Factors For Injection Solutions

There are three key success factors to ensure the effectiveness and durability of injection works: The injection materials, the injection equipment and the injection method. These must all be used in the right combination and this is what our company provides for tunneling and mining applications including: 

Cavity & void filling 

Soil, ground stabilization 

Rock mass stabilization 

Permanent ground consolidation 

Waterstopping – under hydrostatic pressure 

Controlling over-blasting 


Special systems for earth dams

Injection solutions include pre- and post- excavation solutions

Injection Materials

The selection of the right injection material and the right specific product for the defined project requirements is the first key factor for success. This usually relates to the materials viscosity, strength and its behaviour in contact with water, which can all significantly influence the result

Injection Equipment

The injection equipment is the second key success factor and this must be suitable for the selected injection product(s), including their correct preparation, mixing and delivery. This means everything from the initial dosage and mixing, through delivery from a pump and injection through the right packers.

Injection Method, Techniques

Thirdly, the correct injection method and techniques must be used by trained, competent and experienced contractors. ALL of this is essential to ensure success and provide complete stabilization, consolidation and permanent waterstopping.