Groundwater Control

Our company offers a wide variety of services backed by over forty years of experience for controlling water-related problems. From simple leaking hairline cracks in structures above and below ground, to massive leaks on concrete or earth dams, and mining operations that can exceed anywhere Sealing refinery underground process sewer transfer pipe, nuclear power generating plant cooling water transfer pipe, storage tanks, subway tunnels, restore culvert pipe and foundation leak repair, etc. without excavation.

Our processes provide for leak sealing and groundwater control from outside the structure or utility and/or from inside sealing joints and cracks often being performed utilizing non-excavations techniques that we have perfected. We also offer investigative service that can involve ground penetrating microwave radar, and/or infrared thermographic imaging to provide precision cost effective and time saving repairs.

Situations for Groundwater Control


Lift Stations                                                                                                 

Underground Anomalies                                                                     

Membrane Sealing                                                                                       

Subway Tunnels                                                                                                                                                          

Underground Utility Tunnel Leak Sealing                                                                                                                                 

Hydroelectric Dams       

Earthen Dams

Underground Utility Tunnel Leak Sealing  

Below-Grade Structures  

Underground Mines  

Sub-Strata Void Filling 

Hydroelectric Dams 

Culvert Pipe

Utility Tunnels

Subway Tunnel

Wastewater Treatment Plants

Sinkhole Sealing   

Water Treatment Plants

Industrial Pit Leak Sealing  

Non-Excavation Demands

Open Pit Quarries   

Crack Sealing

Block and Stone Wall Leak Sealing