Grouting Pipe Is A Prefilled Grouting Pipe System For The Construction Of Concrete Joints

Grouting pipe is a prefilled grouting pipe system for the construction of concrete joints, cold joints, pipe seams, walls and other gaps between the permanent seal. It is very appropriate to install a grouting pipe between the joints of the new and old concrete. When the water into the seams, you can set the surface of the PVC port into the slurry to seal this method can seal the joints. Appropriate grouting time can be selected after the end of concrete curing grouting. Leakage joints can also be made with this method permanent seal.


Disposable grouting pipe can only be grouting once, can not be reused.

Repeated grouting tubes can be reused many times, each time you need to rinse the tube and tube wall.


1. Installation is simple, complete set;

2. Can be in the construction site, according to the actual needs of the length of the interception of grouting pipe (recommended the longest grouting export length of not more than 6 meters);

3. No special installation equipment;

4. Grouting time can be arbitrarily selected;

5. When grouting under proper pressure, the slurry grouting fluid can be kept evenly filled with the entire pipe;

6. The system allows grouting at a relatively low pressure; grouting pressure is 0.2-0.4Mpa.

7. Installation does not affect the characteristics of building grouting pipe itself;

8. Installation or grouting process does not harm concrete;

9. After the grouting to ensure a permanent seal;

10. If you do not leak, you can not grouting.