High Performance Silicone Structural Adhesives

High Performance Silicone Structural Adhesives are a type of structural adhesive designed for structural bonding in architectural curtain walls. Can be easily extruded under a wide range of temperature conditions, relying on moisture in the air to cure into excellent, durable high modulus, high elasticity silicone rubber.

High-performance silicone structural adhesive

The product produces superior adhesion to most building materials without primer.

It has the following superior product features:

1, easy to use: you can squeeze out at any time.

2, neutral curing: suitable for most building materials without adverse reactions or corrosion.

3, excellent adhesion: no primer, with most of the building materials to form a strong bond.

4, excellent anti-aging stability.

5, after curing with high modulus properties, but also can carry the interface ± 25% telescopic displacement capability.

6, the structural assembly to be ahead of the material samples and assembly drawings sent to the professional testing company testing and auditing.