High Pressure Grouting Machine

A complete grouting machine is mainly composed of an electric drill, a chassis, a bracket, a cup, a pump, a three-way, a pressure gauge, a high pressure pipe, and a switch valve group. The body only weighs 7.5 kilograms, making it easy to carry and save. It completely solves the inconvenience of relying on traditional hand pressure gas sources for power and carrying bulky machinery; its structural design is scientific and simple, it can be maintained without special training, and a humanized self-priming feeding system has been newly added. The use of mechanical power, can be raised to 4500psi (300kg/cm2) or more working pressure in 3-6 seconds, the liquid sealant can be effectively infused into 0.1mm fine cracks, the construction efficiency is three times faster than the traditional technology Above, the waterproof and leak-proof effect is more lasting and effective. It is the preferred equipment for construction, underground engineering, hydraulic engineering, environmental protection engineering, municipal engineering, subway, tunnel, culvert engineering, impervious plugging construction, crack reinforcement, and is the best choice for professional water-stopping construction.