How To Choose The Right High Strength Epoxy Grout?

How to choose the right high strength Epoxy Grout?
 Selection of high-performance Epoxy Grout generally from three aspects:
1, cohesion, cohesion refers to the new Epoxy Grout composition between the material has a certain cohesion, to ensure that no stratification, segregation phenomenon, making the Epoxy Grout to maintain the overall uniform and stable performance The Poor adhesion of Epoxy Grout, easily lead to separation of mud and aggregate, after casting prone to honeycomb, empty and so on. Cohesion is too large, and easily lead to deterioration of the flow of Epoxy Grout, flow to less than the construction of the location, can not contact with the contact surface is more dense, affecting the quality of watering.
2, liquidity, liquidity refers to the new Epoxy Grout in the weight or mechanical vibrating under the action, can flow and uniform density of the ability to fill the template. The size of the fluid directly affect the construction of hard and hardened Epoxy Grout quality, if the Epoxy Grout too dry thick, it is difficult to shape and dense, and easily lead to internal or surface holes and other defects; if the Epoxy Grout Dilute, after mixing, prone to cement slurry and water floating and quartz sand and other aggregate will sink the segregation phenomenon, affecting the quality of Epoxy Grout uniformity, forming the compactness.
3, water retention, water retention refers to the Epoxy Grout has the ability to maintain internal moisture. Good water retention of Epoxy Grout in the construction process will not produce serious bleeding phenomenon. Water-poor Epoxy Grout in a part of the water easily from the internal precipitation to the surface, in the water seepage left a lot of capillary channels, as the future of Epoxy Grout within the permeable channel, the problem, the impact of durability, easy to be winter Cracked.
Thus, the mix ratio selection can be viewed simply as a process of selecting the appropriate material to identify and determine the relative amount of the process in order to produce as economical as possible and certain properties - in particular, strength, durability and desired consistency to meet the minimum design requirements Oxygen resin grouting.
Although the structural design is usually not concerned about the specific "mix ratio selection" of the short name to be expressed. But in the choice of mix when the designer has five criteria: Epoxy Grout strength, durability, water retention, cohesion, mobility. But also to increase the important one, that is, must be in the pouring of the slump loss control in a certain range. Since the required mix of workability is related to the on-site bead environment, it is not necessary to determine the specific workability before site construction.
Select the Epoxy Grout with the ratio must also consider the way of transport of Epoxy Grout, especially when the need to pump Epoxy Grout. Other important criteria include the setting time, the degree of bleeding, the ease of the surface, etc., which are interrelated. In the selection or adjustment of the mix ratio, if these criteria are not taken into account, there will be greater difficulties. Select the Epoxy Grout to start from the performance, it can be said that the performance of Epoxy Grout is mainly to select the appropriate composition of the mixture, therefore, select the Epoxy Grout to consider the different performance of Epoxy Grout.