How To Choose Tile Grout For Your Pool

Installing tiles in your pool is one thing, grouting it is a completely different thing. Both the process is equally important and plays vital role in expanding the lifespan of your floor of your pool. Tiles are used to enhance the beauty of your pool. Tiles are affordable and amongst the most popular choice for every pool. People prefer tiles for their newly built pools and also for renovations. There are huge variety of colors, shape and style in tiles; you can easily choose the perfect tile to make your pool look elegant. When you invest so much money and time for choosing the tile for your home, you must pay equal attention on choosing the right kind of tile grout for your pool. Tile grout is a construction material which is used to fill the spaces between tiles or mosaic. It is used to secure the tile to it its base.  Tiles are cement based materials which comes in two forms, sanded and unsanded.

You can find numerous types of tile grout on the market, but before you buy tile grout you must consult with a tile specialist to ensure that you are buying the appropriate tile grout for your pool.  Choosing the right grout color complementing to your tiles is also important, otherwise you pool floor won’t look beautiful. Swimming pools are always wet; it goes through severe usage and maintenance conditions. For swimming pools the tile adhesive needs to have string bonding and flexible characteristic. Tile grout must be resistant to all types of water attacks. Grouts that are in permanent water immersion goes through water pressure all the time. Thus the tile adhesive needs better water-resistant to ensure the good stick of tiles in all cases. The water in the swimming pool is treated with chorine that has direct impact on the durability of tile grouts.  A good quality grout is chemical resistant and ensures the lifespan of the swimming pool. The grout is also exposed to greater erosion from water movement. The grouts undergo stringent and frequent cleaning process. The grout also goes through high humidity and this is also another reason that your grout need to strong to water resistant. Normal grout absorbs water and cause stains in the pool. The best grout for your pool tile is epoxy grout which is made of filler powder and works as water proof.

Other benefits of Epoxy Tile Grout

●Epoxy tile grout is suitable for swimming pool which is always wet. It can tolerate the chemically treated water and it is very easy to clean.

●Epoxy grout is stain resistant. The grouts remain same for a long period of time because the chemicals or stains can’t alter the color of the grout.

●As pool tiles are constantly in touch with moisture, they become highly susceptible to mold and mildew growth. Epoxy grout is resistant to the growth of microorganisms which is often a cause of worry in households.

●Cement grout materials absorb water when they come in contact with it. Epoxy grout is one of its kinds which do not absorb water, for which the condition of the grout remain good.

●Epoxy grouting material is capable of withstanding strong chemicals like chlorine and acidic liquids. Other grout materials may get damaged on coming in contact with cleaning agents, but not this one.

●The shelf life of epoxy tile grout is more than other grout.

●Epoxy grout never requires sealant treatment after being installed unlike other grout that need sealant every 2-3years for protection.

●Epoxy grout requires low maintenance.

If you have chosen glass tiles for your swimming pool then choosing the right grout color to match your glass tile is very important to preventing blemishes and imperfections from being easily spotted. Glass tiles have reflective surfaces, grout can disrupt the refraction of sunlight, easily catching the eye and revealing blemishes in the tiles. A suitable match is one that is similar in color to the glass tiles color will not create such problem.

Before you proceed for any tile grouting project, you should clean the whole area of tiling. Mixing grout is very easy, just like making pancake batter. Once you make the batter, make the grout upto the thickness you require. Follow the steps properly to install your tiles. Proper installation will make the tiles stay strong. Epoxy grout has good resistance, but avoids cleaning it with strong acidic agents. So you can enjoy the tile of your swimming pool if you use the right grout and install it properly.