How To Use Waterstop

The use of rubber waterstops must be correct, otherwise it will affect the waterproof quality of the project. Our Company has summarized the use of some rubber waterstops as follows:

1. The rubber waterstop must be secured by a fixed fixing method when tying the steel bar and the formwork. Prevent displacement during concrete casting and ensure the correct position of the water stop in the concrete.

2. Only punch holes in the allowable parts of the water stop, for fixing the water stop. Do not damage the waterproof part of the water stop.

3, commonly used fixing methods are: the use of additional steel fixed, special fixtures fixed, with lead wire and template fixed. Regardless of the fixing method, the fixing method of the waterstop should be carried out according to the construction specifications required by the design and it is necessary to ensure that the waterstop is positioned accurately, and the effective waterproof part of the rubber waterstop is not damaged, and the concrete is poured.