Hydrophilic Polyurethane Grout For Injection For Consolidation And Waterproofing

Injectable One Component Flexible hydrophilic Polyurethane Grout For Injecting And Sealing Joint And Cracks Exposed To Water Infiltration And Movement.

After injecting hydrophilic polyurethane grout into a joint, it expands when it comes into contact with water creating a flexible seal that will effectively waterproof your building structure.


It penetrates deeply, even micro-cracks, because it is very fluid.

It shows no alteration over time, even where chemical agents or microorganisms are present.

Completely non-toxic. It may even come into contact with drinking water.

It Is Ideal For

Sealing cracks and joints in underground parking lots, buildings below the water table, etc., that are exposed to minor movement.

Sealing cold joints with water seepage.

Waterproofing and strengthening tunnel vaults,wells,etc.