Hydrophobic Grout

When solid foundations needs to fill voids and stabilize soils, we turn to hydrophobic grout in order to accomplish these tasks without excavation. Hydrophobic grout repels water; therefore, when injected into voids and loose soils, it will replace any water present as it expands. Hydrophobic grouts have low viscosities and high expansion rates and are able to set without diluting in watery conditions. Therefore, whatever the conditions of the soil, this type of resin can conserve its size, strength and impermeability. It is unaffected by fluctuations in the moisture content of the soil, so no matter what the water table does, hydrophobic grout will stay dry and solid.

Our polyurethane grout products solve leak problems in a variety of places that need waterproofing, such as:

Pipe joints

Box culverts

Storm sewers

Retaining walls


Below grade parking decks

Earthen dams


Below grade concrete walls


Elevator service pits

Excavation pits


Storage tanks

Pump stations

Utility vaults


Swimming pools

Concrete basements