Hydrophobic Polyurethane Chemical Injection Grout

The product is a hydrophobic polyurethane chemical injection grout designed to stop water infiltration through concrete cracks, joints, fractures, and unproperly consolidated areas.The product is injected as a liquid directly into a leaking crack, fracture, hole or joint. After injection, the grout reacts with water and forms into an expanding foam that fills the void. The cured foam adheres to the concrete within the crack to form a impermeable, elastomeric seal.

The seal works in three ways. First, it forms a chemical bond to the surface area. Second,it forms a mechanical anchor in the irregular surface areas of the joint. And third,through expansion,a compression seal is formed within the crack, fracture or hole. The elastomeric and flexible properties of the cured foam allow it to resist cracking or pulling apart and to stand up to freeze/thaw and wet/dry cycles.

Hydrophobic injection grout is non-corrosive, and adheres well to most surfaces including concrete, clay tile, metal, wood, stone, mortar and brick.

In addition, hydrophobic injection grout can be applied without the need to stop the seepage or leaks prior to application. The grout bonds to wet or dry surfaces.

When it comes in contact with water a chemical reaction occurs changing the product to a dense polyurethane foam through which water will not pass. After curing it forms a flexible gasket and an effective barrier to water infiltration.