Ground Stabilization

Ground Stabilization

Solutions to consolidate soils, fill cavities,create cut-off curtain walls and seal-off water

Our company is a world leader in specialist construction chemicals and systems for soil consolidation, civil construction,mining, tunnelling, underground construction and the general building sectors.

The company specialises in problem-solving technologies associated with ground engineering, water penetration, underground works, waterproofing and the repair and protection of reinforced concrete.

Our products and systems provide comprehensive solutions designed to meet the most demanding conditions

The integrity of many underground structures, excavations and foundations relies, in part, on the surrounding soil types, the condition of rock and the level and type of contaminants which exist in the immediate vicinity.

Typical problems include the ingress of water (and water-borne contaminants) into excavations, tunnels, shafts and foundations and the need to consolidate or reinforce weak rock or soil types before, during and after civil engineering works.

In order to meet the various needs of the industry,Our company has developed a wide range of ground stabilization products which include -

Microfine and ultrafine cements

Colloidal silica gels and binders


Acrylic gels

Polyurethane resins

Our company’s ground stabilization solutions offer increased penetration capability, excellent binding characteristics and are environmentally friendly.

Systems can be adjusted to specific site and environmental conditions to enable greater control during the execution of the work. This is especially important in areas of the world where high temperatures would otherwise interfere with the installation process.

Typical product applications are shown below:

Prevention of extreme water ingress

Creation of cut-off walls

Underpinning foundations and lifting sunken slabs

Pre-injection and consolidation of various soil types(sand, CDG, etc.)

Improvement of ground bearing capabilities

Rockmass and rock fissure grouting

Grouting of gravel or decayed rock

Consolidation of ground anchors

Void and fissure filling

Post excavation injection

Sealing against migration of water