Chemical Grouting For Concrete Repair

Chemical grout is used to stop leaks in basements, commercial buildings, dams, manholes, parking garages, reservoirs, storage tanks, subways, tunnels, waste water treatment plants, and in other structures. The primary reasons why chemical grout is used to stop leaks:

Fills cracks completely

Remains flexible

Forms a permanent seal

Safe to use

Permanently Sealed with Chemical Grouting

Permanently sealed with chemical grouting concrete structures can sometimes move in unanticipated places. Cracks may occur because of the movement. If the movement that caused the crack stops, the area that cracked becomes stable. However, many cracks do not stabilize. Some cracks continue to move throughout the life of a structure because of thermally induced forces on the structure, or due to moisture changes in soil. These cracks often become wider or narrower at throughout the warming and cooling seasons. This continuous movement makes it almost impossible to permanently repair and stop water leaks with materials that become rigid when they cure.