Grout Injection

Basement Waterproofing

Grout injection can be used to waterproof leaking basements. During backfill and compaction of basements small stones and broken bricks etc. can rub on the applied waterproofing compromising the barrier. Rectifying this type of problem from the back of the wall can be messy and sometimes even impossible.

Chemical grout injection can install a barrier  through patchable 30mm holes drilled through the wall. A water repelling grout is them pumped into the soil surrounding the leak sealing it from the water in the ground.

Failing Retaining Wall

Chemical Grout Injection can install a grout block behind failing retaining walls giving the wall relief from the push of the soil being retained. This prevents the walls from complete failure in the future and extends the working life of the wall.

Many walls fail early in their life and are expensive to tear down and reinstate especially in cases where they are supporting structures built after the wall.

Concrete Piles

Chemical grout injection can install in situ augered concrete piles. These are often required for the protection of your home if Water Corporation ever need to dig up or maintain their services that are close to your property. Concrete piles extend the weight of the building foundations deeper into the soil underpinning the structure if services ever need to be dug up.

Further to this piles can be required if the ground conditions onsite are not ideal for building on. They allow the weight of the building to be spread wider over the soil and can be dug down to solid rock if required.