Chemical Grouting

This is a highly specialized technology mostly used where problem exists due to high water ingress and where normal grouting is not applicable. This technology is applicable in structures carrying water or when submerged in water. This is a very advanced technology and have a wide scope of work in all major projects like hydro power, metro & offshore structures.

Chemical grouting is the process of injecting a chemically reactive solution that behaves as a fluid but reacts after a predetermined time to form a solid, semisolid, or gel.

Chemical grouting requires specially designed grouting equipment in that the reactive solution is often formed by proportioning the reacting liquids in an on-line continuous mixer. Typically, no allowance is made in chemical-grouting plants for particulate materials suspended in a liquid. Further, the materials used in the pumps and mixers are specifically selected to be nonreactive with the chemicals being mixed and pumped.