The Development Trend Of Sealant

With the development ofChina's automobile industry the continuous application of new materials, new technology, automotive adhesive/sealant is also perfect and professional.

1.light body adhesive sealant

Lightweight automobile increasingly valued and encouraged by the Government, becoming the main directions of development ofChina's automobile industry. With the advance car lightweight processes, aluminum, magnesium, ceramics, plastics, fiberglass, or the application of lightweight materials such as carbon fiber composites in automobiles more and more, most of these materials cannot use traditional processes such as welding, riveting, need of structural adhesives for bonding.

Such as low density PVC seam sealant anti-stoning, low density PVC coating. Typical PVC sealing material density of 1.40g/cm3 and of low density PVC sealing material density can reach 0.9-1.0g/cm3, using the same thickness (volume) sealing materials of cases may reduce the quality of 30%-35%.