Using Polyurethane Grouts To Seal Seepage Cracks Underwater


Reclamation must repair and maintain its concrete structures, yet many of them are too important or critical to remove from service for repairs. As a result, it is vital to make repairs underwater so Reclamation can maintain water and power deliveries.

Water seepage from cracks in aging concrete canals has been an issue for Reclamation and the infrastructure it manages for decades. In addition, dewatering canals can be costly and lead to long service delays during installation of repair materials. Repairs must also be compatible with base materials, such as concrete, to mitigate or prevent additional damage or deterioration. Epoxies can be rigid, which may lead to cracking adjacent concrete.


Polyurethane grouts are a solution because they use water to cure, thus eliminating the need to dewater the canal or other infrastructure for repairs. Polyurethane grouts are also excellent for repairing and sealing seepage cracks due to their flexibility,which permits minor foundation movement without disturbing the seal.