Acrylate Grout

Acrylate grout was first introduced to the waterproofing industry in 1980. Acrylate grout is very similar to acrylamide grout with two exceptions. The first is that it is less toxic, and the second is that it is more sensitive to swelling when going from dry to wet conditions. Acrylate injection sealing is a trenchless system utilized to stop water leaks in concrete foundations. By curing into a soft gel,acrylate grout creates a flexible yet impermeable seal.

Used in a variety of industrial, commercial, and municipal applications, Our company applies acrylate grout as a soil stabilizer during excavations near existing structures, as well as in application to stop leaks in sewers,vaults,tunnels,elevator pits,mines,dams, and all types of under ground structures.Acrylate grout is also used to contain chemical spills in soil.Because of the extremely low viscosity of this grout, it is often the only grout that can penetrate leaky areas which remain open even after extensive alternative grouting methods. Its chemical characteristics make it the preferred solution for creating impervious water barriers and stabilizing soils in a wide variety of geo-technical solutions.

Regardless of what chemical grout injection technique or product we employ, our company is serious about fixing foundation and structural repair.With each project,we dedicate ourselves to putting an end to concrete moisture intrusion and offer a failsafe waterproofing solution to meet your needs.