Urethane Grout

Urethane grout has been effective and instrumental in stopping leaks in structures for the past four decades. Due to its flexibility,safety,and ability to completely and permanently fill cracks, Our company also employs this method in commercial waterproofing projects.

Because of its flexibility, urethane grout is able to protect against cyclical structure movement. It cures into an elastic,rubber-like material that can withstand tremendous compression and expansion without being harmed. This makes it an ideal filler because concrete structures often move in unanticipated places and urethane grout will move with it preventing future structural cracking. Other benefits urethane grout offers is its strong ability to penetrate very tiny cracks, set quickly, bond to wet surfaces, work in and under water, and tolerate unavoidable debris. Urethane grout is easy to handle and is very tolerant to mix variations and field conditions.