PU Injection Resins

Injection resin for restoring masonry: PU injection resins

PU Injection Resins material used for crack repair remain leak proof also in case of limited crack width modifications and if exposed to dynamic stress.

PU injection resin is also suitable for the restoration of gypsum-based masonry or building constructions (sealing, stabilization and solidification). Thanks to the active principle of hydrophobizing capillary obstruction, PU injection resins have a durable sealing effect also in case of high water load classes. An even, closed and therefore watertight pore structure forms upon contact of the PU grout with or when mixed with water. The reaction time of PU grout can be reduced to compensate for long curing times at low temperatures by using the accelerators.

PU resin for structural bonding of concrete and masonry

PU injection resins material also allows for structural bonding in concrete and masonry structures thanks to its high flexural and compressive strength.PU grouting is characterized by its compatibility with cable sheathing, foil, steel, concrete and masonry mortar. PU resin is resistant to acids, salts and lyes damaging the building structure if their concentration is not higher than usual.