Cementitious Capillary Crystalline Waterproofing Coating

Cement based permeable crystallization type waterproof coating referred to as CCCW, is by the German chemical expert Laurence Jefferson invention, after decades of development practice has proved, has remarkable waterproof effect and can increase the life of the building high-performance waterproof material, internationally enjoys" biological cement " is called. CCCW is the new generation of Canadian technology for the production of high performance concrete. Waterproof material composed mainly of Portland cement, especially the selection system of quartz sand and a variety of special chemical material configured. Waterproof mechanism with its specific activity of chemical substances, the use of concrete itself inherent chemical and porous, with water as the carrier, with the aid of water infiltration and the concrete in chemical reaction, along with pressure or inverse direction to produce effect, form insoluble crystals and concrete are combined into integration, so that any direction to the water and other liquid is blocked. When the structure is no water, the active ingredient will remain at rest, but when once again with water contact, the chemical effect and closure process, will be repeated, and deeper into the concrete, so as to achieve permanent, waterproof, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof and protection of reinforced concrete structure strength of high-performance waterproof material.