Foundation Lifting Applications Using Polyurethane Chemical Grout Injection

Our company is the most experienced and knowledgeable provider of foundation lifting applications utilizing fast-expanding polyurethane chemical grout.  The Langwei’s chemical grout injection process is the industry leading foundation lifting solution for soil stabilization and no-excavation foundation lifting and leveling.

We offers a full suite of foundation lifting services for industries of all types. Our applications are designed to minimally impact your foundation and daily operations while effectively rehabilitating the root cause of the problem.

Foundation underpinning

Floor leveling

Slab lift

Home foundationrepair

Roadway lifting

Foundation Repair Using The Chemical Grout Injection Process

Our company is the sole provider of the polyurethane chemical grout injection process, a no-excavation foundation repair process.The system is used to stabilize weak and poorly compacted soils underneath your structure’s slab.

The primary cause of foundation problems has to do with the support soils underneath the slab.  With soil collapse, erosion, expansion, or degradation, the foundation can be compromised and will lose adequate density to support the slab.With Polyurethane chemical grout injection, the soils will be densified and compacted while being able to lift the foundation back to grade.