Do You Need PU Injection Grouting?

PU injection grouting is the new must-have building material. PU injection grouting involves injecting cracks or voids in concrete with polyurethane. This material expands to be fully waterproof.

This saves your time, money and effort compared to hacking out tiles or walls. Moreover, saving you to redecorate, which is every homeowner’s worst nightmare.

What is PU Injection or PU Grouting?

This technique allows contractors to fix leakage issues easily. And, there’s no need to rip up flooring or walls. Or, cause damage the property.

If you have a gap between your walls, this material can be injected straight into the crevice. It will expand until space is filled, ensuring water is not leak further.

PU stands for polyurethane.

More traditional uses include covering varnished surfaces with it as a sealant.

When mixed with the polymers, it creates a substance which expands upon contact with water, to fill in the damaged area. This chemical reaction with water fills the cracks.