PU Grouting

Chemical grouting provides simple and cost-effective repair for manhole leaks-by using right material and the right installation method.

There are many ways to repair leaks in concrete structures like sanitary and storm pipes, man-holes and basins. One of the oldest yet least understood methods uses polyurethane chemical grouts that react with water to bond with the concrete to form watertight, permanent seals, or to become rigid, filling voids and stabilizing soil.

According to the National Association of Sewer Service Companies (NASSCO), chemical grout was developed in 1955. Since then, it has been used in sewers, manholes,tanks, vaults, tunnels, and many other applications worldwide.

Recent studies and more than 40 years of experience indicate that grouting - known as the nation’s first trenchless technology - is still a highly cost-effective,long-term defence against infiltration of groundwater into structurally sound sewer systems.

Grouting can be especially effective for sealing leaks in manholes, which by some estimates account for up to 40 percent of infiltration to waste water collection systems.