The Supplier Of Epoxy Grout In China

Epoxy grout

Product Description

This product is mainly made up by epoxy resin. curing agent and other catalyst, it is a grouting material which has high strength and adhesive strength.

Application Field

Reinforce, strengthening and leaking stoppage for

Tunnel, metro and other underground structure

The crack of girder, pillar and pile

Dam, port, wharf, swimming pool and water tower

Seal for the water pipe and chemical pipeline

Product Features

High performance

High strength and adhesive strength

Good grouting ability

Low viscosity and good grouting ability

Convenient and efficient

It can be adjusted the proportion according the construction temperature


Reinforce, strengthening, leaking stoppage. waterproofing and corrosion prevention


A: 20 KG/ barrel.  B: 5KG/ barrel

Components A and B are fully stirred at a ratio of 4:1, and they can be poured after stirring evenly.

Because this product has a quick reaction after mixing, it should be mixed well for use in construction.The construction equipment and tools should be cleaned with detergent after usage.


The product should be stored and sealed in cool and dry place