Polyurethane Waterproofing Coating

Product Features

1.Two-component polyurethane waterproof coating after curing to form a seamless, complete elastic waterproof layer, to improve the construction of water impermeability, which is membrane.

Water can not be achieved, especially the coating has a high strength and extensibility, cracking or stretching of the grass-roots adaptability.

2.Adhesive bonding with the base, the coating waterproof material and concrete, wood, metal, ceramics, asbestos, etc. have a strong adhesive force, but also to make adhesive use.

3.Construction is simple, polyurethane coating is a cold construction of waterproof coating, construction only need to A, B two components in proportion to mix, brushing in the waterproof base can be.

4.Easy to repair, only to repair the damaged parts of the local, can still achieve the original waterproof effect, save trouble, effort, low cost.

5.Environment-friendly products, products, small smell, reducing the impact on people and the environment and damage, is an ideal alternative to tar polyurethane.

Storage And Transportation

1.Store the material in a dry, ventilated room.

2.Transport to prevent sun and rain, to prevent the collision, pay attention to fire.

3.Product storage period is six months, more than the storage period to be re-qualified before use.