PU Grouting

Our polyurethane grouting specializes in polyurethane application services. PU injection grout to stop water seepage and water leakage problems of buildings, epoxy-based injection grout and cement-based injection grout for in residential, commercial and industrial properties.PU grouting serves to fill up cracks in concrete building, slabs and masonry with permanent cost-effective injection grouts. Our non-shrinkable polyurethane grouting systems that are extremely water resistance and anti-moisture to provide efficient waterproofing solutions for leak ceilings and water seepage problems. PU grouting provides professional grouting services suitable for private home, apartment building, shop house, shopping mall, hotel, office building, exhibition centre, factory and manufacturing facility. Polyurethane grouting is experienced in providing various types of grouting injection to construction industry and is well reputable in residential and commercial projects.