Polyurethane As A Chemical Grouting Material

Polyurethane chemical grout has a number of applications to rock mechanics and civil engineering as a whole due to the wide range of strengths and chemical properties that are available. Concerning rock, applications range from water cutoff under dams and sealing water inflow in tunnels and mines, to structural support of rock for underground applications and rock slope stability. Because of the wide range of polyurethanes available.

Single component polyurethane chemical grouting is composed of one component, and reacts with water to expand by the production of CO2 foam, and harden within rock fractures. PU products are typically described as hydrophilic, meaning they react with water both during and after the curing process, or hydrophobic, meaning they react with water only during the curing process Because PU rapidly expands to fill voids in the rock, it is predominantly used for sealing or water cutoff applications.