PVC Waterstops

PVC waterstops are manufactured by a compound which is shaped by extruders and operates under an acceptable warmth with pressure. It contains different catalisators, stabilizer, dyestuff, stiffener and plasticizers.

Connection of PVC Plastic Waterstops :

Since PVC Waterstops are manufactured from thermoplastic material, they are welded by hot welding. In simple and small works, special PVC glue can also be used. During the connection and placement of waterstops and constructional location applications such as nailing down nails or passing wires by making holes which damage waterstops or which destroy the feature of waterproofing should not be allowed. However, in order to assamble waterstops within the regions and measurement as determined in the project, additional equipment can be used if necessary and for those which have connection wire or nail and/or those which do not have connection flange clips can be used. 

Storage of PVC Plastic Waterstops :

Storage should be at indoor areas, far away from direct sunlight, rain and snow. Special pieces should not be stocked one on top of the other.

Application Areas:



Waste treatment units

Swimming pools


Bridges subways

Sewerage systems

Irrigation canals


Transportation tunnels

Hydro power plants


Conservation walls

Industrial buildings