Grouting Technology

Mixing of the PU mixture is made in mixing chamber, which is located behind the pump.This is located as close as possible to the borehole. Grouting pump sucks both components of the grouting resin from separate tanks or the components flow in gravitationally. The pump takes the components in appropriate ratio and delivers them separately to the mixing chamber. In the mixing chamber, components are mixed and subsequently injected through the packer into the rock mass. The resin penetrates under the pressure into surrounding fissures and cavities up to the distance of a few meters from the borehole. As a result sealing and strengthening of the rock mass or construction is achieved. After finishing of the grouting, it is necessary to flush the pump, hoses and accessories and clean the equipment.In case of longer regular use, it is possible to leave the components in the pump and hoses.The work team is usually formed by a couple of trained workers. Parameters of the grouting works are recorded during the work like e.g. location of boreholes, grouted quantities,grouting pressure and temperature.